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Jon Miller:

I don't want to read too much into the first game of spring training, but...I'd be shocked if Russ Ortiz doesn't win 18 games this season.
He was kidding, but that was the story to follow in today's game. Some reasons to be optimistic about Russ:
  1. He really does look like he has a tapeworm or two, but that's a good thing. An in-shape Russ isn't something that we're used to. Maybe that will make a huge difference.
  2. His control has never been average, but his real problems started when his velocity slipped. The Giants know that, and they'll keep a close eye on him. If he has the (relative) zip back and still has the movement, why shouldn't he be the same pitcher he was before?
  3. If Ortiz had any success for the Giants, it would come as the Diamondbacks are still paying him tens of millions. That would drive Arizona fans up the wall. Driving Arizona fans up the wall is always double awesome +1.
I'm still not sold, but maybe I was a little too close-minded when the deal was announced. Ortiz had one of the worst stretches in the majors since Jaime Navarro, but he still had a ton of success before that slide. Today was as impressive as it possibly could have been. Do it four more times, Russ, and you'll have a believer or two.