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The dream really was creepy....

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Had my first stalker dream last night; it's tough to come back from that one. One of you broke into my apartment and built a shrine to your favorite bands, apologizing in writing for getting my address from my mother in a sneaky fashion. In order to flush out which one of you did it -- and also because spring training is starting soon with the promise of real news, which wouldn't allow this kind of goofing off -- it's time for a listing of everyone's five favorite music recordings. The post with the most similarities to the dream shrine will get its creator banned and possibly slapped with a subconscious restraining order.

For all of the off-topic music threads we've had here, this cliché of a messageboard post has never come up. It's always annoying to read about other people who think their music is as cool as yours when it totally isn't. This one will be different, though, as it includes my favorite albums:

  1. Endtroducing... - DJ Shadow
  2. Too Far to Care - Old 97's
  3. Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys
  4. Rain Dogs - Tom Waits
  5. Abbey Road - The Beatles
Greatest guilty pleasure album: Sports - Huey Lewis & the News

Album that most people would think was a guilty pleasure, but one that I'd defend until I passed out: First Band on the Moon - The Cardigans

Past number ones as a teenager: Age 13, Pyromania - Def Leppard; Age 16, Weezer - Weezer; Age 19, Europe '72 - Grateful Dead

Somewhat music and Giants related: Brent Mayne's walk-up song at Candlestick was "Shakedown Street", which was a fairly obscure Grateful Dead disco song (link to the album here with a sample of the song). It had to have been the least-intimidating walk-up song of all time. When I think "putting fear into the heart of my opponent", rarely does "Grateful Dead disco song" come to mind. Neither does Brent Mayne, really, so I guess that's kind of the point.