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Saturday Morning: High 'n' Dry

The area papers are-a-buzzin' with the news of Sabean's non-extension. While I certainly don't agree with every Sabean move, I don't think he's worse than an average GM. Replacing an average GM can lead to new heights, but it can just as easily lead to new depths.

One of my biggest quibbles with Sabean is his resistance to building from within. This quote seems to deflect some of the blame, though:

``In our case, the most important charge is to try to compete every year, so some of the things you'd like to do per se, to take a step back or rebuild, you're not in a position to be able to do that . . . because of what's at stake,'' Sabean said.
I'd like to think the new park has built up enough goodwill in San Francisco that a rebuilding period wouldn't ruin the franchise. Attendance would dip, but it would also bounce back right away with the next good team. I can also understand why the owners aren't eager to test that theory.

Quite the pickle.