BALCO atty leaked testimony; I eat crow

So it turns out that the BALCO defense atty was the dirtbag who leaked the grand jury testimony. I had been screaming that it was probably some punk in the U.S. Asshattorney office, because grand jury leaks (which are, for the millionth time, different from other kinds of leaks) almost always come from prosecutors.  I am a mayor of honor, so I will eat one serving of minced garlic crow, mu shu style with hoisin sauce, shredded lettuce, and a warm Chinese tortilla (I know they call them pancakes, but I can't).  

This defense attorney is a pure scumbag. He leaked the material and then turn around and complained to the judge that the leaks -- probably from the prosecutors, Judge -- made a fair trial impossible for his client.  Perpetrating a fraud on the courts like this is horribly crappy and is as dangerous to the justice system as when prosecutors leak grand jury testimony (I know, I know, this would be a nice moment to put that complaint on the bench for a couple days).  Two years is not enough for this cretinous lawyer.  Bastard.

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