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Thursday links

  • Links, links, links to the Barry contract saga, just in case you were offended by my disinterest yesterday. Apparently, the deal from last month that wasn't finished until yesterday wasn't really finished. Like he's going to play for the Sonoma Crushers next season. C'mon, now.

    And we need to start keeping track of these: "I believe 1,000 home runs are within Barry's reach." - Jeff Borris


  • If someone could run this column through Babelfish and let me know who the author is blaming for the state of the Giants, that'd be great. Thanks. I don't think the dog years conversion was park-adjusted, either.
  • I always forget to link to them, but Baseball Analysts are constantly putting out good stuff. There's a series going on right now that examines strikeout and groundball rates for minor league pitchers, and the High-A piece has a lot of Giants farmhands showing up in the lists.
  • The front page of Baseball Prospectus has a table of the luckiest relievers in the NL for 2006, consisting of relievers who left runners on when they were removed but were bailed out. Number three on the list was Steve Kline. That sounds about right.