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Each day without a transaction is a day closer to Pedro Feliz back on the team. Brian Sabean has been adamant about not giving Feliz a three-year deal, which, if you want to read between the lines, leaves open the possibility of a two-year deal.

It's been too long, old friend.

The new buzz is that Feliz is an average third baseman. See, you take his atrocious hitting (14 runs below the average hitter according to Baseball Prospectus) and combine it with his brilliant fielding (28 runs above the average fielder at third according to Mitchel Lichtman) to get an average player. Maybe even above-average. It seems counterintuitive, as we're used to the Pedro Feliz who doesn't even make the first page cut on a list of third basemen sorted by offensive contributions. But his defense really is outstanding, so maybe....

Let me just go on record: I don't care. I'm tired of watching Feliz hit. It's a pretty intellectually defunct position to take. Stats shouldn't be treated as the end of the debate, but they should be a part of the debate. Defensive stats might be less refined than offensive stats, but they've come a long way in the past decade.

But I don't care. If Feliz contributes two extra wins to the 2008 Giants over, oh, Sean Burroughs or Tom O'Malley, I don't care. That's probably the difference between 70 wins and 72 wins. Maybe 80 and 82 if a lot of things break right.

Two extra wins for a non-contender, or watching hundreds of stomach-turning at-bats for the eighth season in a row? The obvious retort is, "Well, just who is going to play third?" I don't care. Anyone else. Please.

Is this an ignorant position to take?