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Delayed Outrage

"Say what you want about Pedro and Omar -- I don't know where we would have been in a lot of innings in a lot of games in a lot of weeks without the type of defensive play we had from the left side of the infield," Sabean said."
That quote is from a month-old article, so it isn't exactly fresh. I missed it the first time around. It might be the worst Sabean quote I've ever read.

Where would you have been in those innings in those games in those weeks, Brian? Last place. By a ton. That strategy failed. Having defensive specialists on the left side of the infield did not help the Giants more than whatever the competition did to build their roster.

Now the most productive hitter from that last place team is gone. Now the Giants can afford even less to have no-hit defensive specialists in their lineup. They can afford even less to put a premium on mostly intangible qualities like "team speed." My offseason would be complete if Sabean would acknowledge this just once.

Open ridiculous quote thread. If someone can find a sillier quote from Sabean, I'd like to read it. This one even beats the "If we signed Vlad, we wouldn't have been able to get Michael Tucker, Dustin Hermanson, Chad Hermansen, or Chad Lowe"-quote.