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Ground Rules

My trade parameters:

  • Of Lowry, Sanchez, Misch, and Correia, I would be willing to trade two this offseason, depth be damned.
  • I would only trade them for players who would be under the Giants' control for three years or longer.
  • None of them should be traded just for the sake of making a move. To part with any of those four pitchers, it would have to be a pretty sweet deal. Obviously, the definition of "pretty sweet deal" is different for Misch than it is Lowry, but I would want some substantial value for any of them. I can't imagine Misch's trade value is very high, so he should stay.
  • I'm not especially interested in low-level position players, mostly because I'm skeptical that the Giants can evaluate or develop them properly.
  • Other than Cain and Lincecum, there isn't an untouchable player in the system. If it takes Nate Schierholtz, Clayton Tanner, or Brian Wilson to get a good young position player at a position of dire need, them's the breaks.
Pretty simple, really. What are your trade rules for the offseason? Fancy bullet points are optional.