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1986 Update

This is all pertaining to my Sporting News Strat-o-Matic league, where we're replaying the 1986 season. Remember when I wrote that post about taking peyote in Aspen, and how I described my vision of playing fantasy baseball with Doug Glanville and Baba Booey? Well, it came true, just like the tapestry said it would. I'll provide updates every once in a while....

The Giants are looking to sweep the Astros tonight after taking the first two games of the series. Mike LaCoss faces Nolan Ryan. Buffy the Robin Ventura Slayer Slayer? See, LaCoss's nickname was Buffy, and Ryan got in a fight with...ah, forget it. It made sense in my head.

Mike Krukow beat Mike Scott in the opener, though the Giants were helped by the fact that you can't scuff up a Strat-o-Matic card. Scott Garrelts won a 1-0 duel against Bob Knepper yesterday. Dan Gladden led off the game with a single and a steal, and Will Clark drove him in with the next at-bat. That was the only run of the game. Suck it, speed and defense haters. The Giants should totally build their 2008 team around speed and defense.

Rajai Davis and Dan Gladden...that's not a bad comparison, actually. They should also get Kevin Correia some funny glasses and make him grow a moustache.