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Mock Roster V 1.1 (of 8.4)

I should be the G.M., as all of these trades are, like, way realistic and all of the free agents I choose would want to come here.

Davis/Lewis/Roberts/Winn - CF
Winn/Schierholtz - LF
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Sexson - 1B
Lastings Milledge/Schierholtz - RF
Molina - C
Frandsen - 2B
Vizquel - SS


Eric Gagne
David Riske
Masahide Kobayashi
A long relief/spot starter guy

Lowry, Sanchez, Durham, Hennessey, and lower-level prospects (Tanner, Pichardo, etc...) are traded in some combination for Encarnacion, Sexson, and Lastings Milledge.

I go back and forth on what to do with Lowry. It seems like Tampa has a bunch of extra shortstops (of Ben Zobrist, Brendan Harris, and Reid Brignac, only one can play) and Akinori Iwamura needs to move for Evan Longoria, so it seems like a natural fit. However, while Lowry should bring back more than Zobrist and Iwamura, he probably wouldn't bring back Brignac. Not to mention, Tampa might not even want a pitcher with Lowry's contract, as they have several good arms in the minors who would work for the minimum salary. So I settled on Milledge. It'd be pretty sweet if the Mets wanted to give him up for their Glavine replacement, though it would be unlikely.

Sanchez and Hennessey would get the Reds listening about Encarnacion. He's only 24, his defense is better than people give him credit for, and his power will show up one of these seasons. Everyone needs a third baseman, and the Giants certainly don't have any in-house options.

Everyone loves the Durham for Sexson idea, with the exception of a few pinko commies. We'll ferret them out and intimidate them. Then everyone will love the Durham for Sexson idea.

The Giants have some money to throw around, and the only position of need with even a little free agent depth is right-handed relief. Forgive me for the Gagne yen (second year in a row!), but I think his stock is down after his second half of misery. He tired in his first full year back from major injury problems, and he'll be a relative bargain. If he isn't relatively cheap (2 years, $10M?), forget it.

It seems like every trade rumor/idea post ends up with a couple of these mock rosters in the comments, so here's a consolidation thread. Mock rosters: the offseason baseball fan's divinely ordained right. They're pretty danged fun.