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E for Effort

The Giants depth, graded:


Majors - B-

High minors - D- (No more Kanoodler)

Low minors - C (Sandoval, maybe Witter)

First base:

Majors - F

High minors - F-

Low minors - D+ (This grade goes way up if D'Alessio hits well in A-ball and if Villalona moves to first)

Second base:

Majors - B-

High minors - C (Velez, Bergolla)

Low minors - C- (Denker, Sanders)


Majors - D

High minors - D- (De la Rosa? Figueroa?)

Low minors - B (Burriss, Noonan, Schoop, Culberson, Bocock)

Third base:

Majors - ζ

High minors - Þ

Low minors - Þ+ (The "plus" is in case Villalona sticks. I don't know what those characters are, but I'm assuming they're lower than "Z".)

Corner outfield:

Majors - D+ (Winn, Roberts)

High minors - B- (Schierholtz, Lewis, Bowker, Ortmeier...for the purposes of this depth chart, I'm including current major leaguers like Lewis and Ortmeier here, which kind of makes "High minors" synonymous with "young and ready.")

Low minors - D- (Copeland, Baker, Neal)

Center field:

Majors - B (Winn, Roberts, Davis...this assumes that Winn and Roberts will play their natural position, which they won't. But if we needed them to, we have the depth...)

High minors - B- (Lewis, Timpner, Velez)

Low minors - C- (Richardson, McBryde, Jordan)

Starting pitching:

Majors - A- (This grade includes Misch, Sanchez, and Correia)

High minors - D+ (Kinney, Palmer, Begg, Pereira, McKae)

Low minors - A (Alderson, Sosa, Bumgarner, Tanner, Pucetas, Snyder, Martinez)

Relief pitching:

Majors - C-

High minors - C- (Sadler, Matos, Hedrick, Anderson)

Low minors - C- (Romo, Cowart, Wilding, Joaquin, Pichardo)

High minors = AA or AAA last season

Low minors = Rookie and A-ball last season

I'm grading the major league talent relative to the rest of the league. It's hard for me to do that with the minor league talent, as I'm not that knowledgeable with the systems of other teams, so slap me around if I'm way off.

This isn't my masterpiece organizational thesis; this is just my best guess. If the rest of y'all can whip it into shape, it could be a handy guide for the offseason. As in, "Why would we trade Bengie Molina for an A-ball pitcher when we have no catching depth in the high minors and pressing needs elsewhere in the organization?"

Maybe it'll help. Maybe you're already dozed off. Dunno.

Your thoughts, if you would.