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Be Prepared

Goin' on vacation, which means that big news will happen in the next three days. I hope this will help fill the void:

The suck-if-you-do, suck-if-you-don't offseason. While we all expected Brian Sabean to (make a trade or free-agent signing), there was still some hope he was going to concentrate on building a foundation for the future.

So it begins.

I didn't pay attention to the rumors that Sabean would sign (center fielder), (center fielder), or (center fielder). I thought he would focus more on (center fielder), (other center fielder), and (faster center fielder). I hoped he would focus on (anything that isn't a starting pitcher or a ^&#$%@# center fielder). Instead, he (traded for or signed) (name of someone we don't need). Wow. That's something the Giants don't need.

The rest of the baseball world is laughing at the Giants, and rightfully so. (Link to Baseball Primer thread where everyone's laughing at the Giants)

(Long paragraph where I almost talk myself into liking the move.)

(Shorter paragraph where I rebuke myself silly)

The opening salvo of the 2007-2008 offseason: I don't get it.

If someone with admin powers could just fill in the blanks, Mad Lib-style, that'd be swell.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. I'm thankful for Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum. Suck it two out of every five days, rest of the NL.