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The Giants aren't in a position to trade for peak-value players. They aren't going to get their grubby little paws on players like Howie Kendrick, Jay Bruce, and Joba Chamberlain. Ergo, my All-Realistic Target team:

C - Jeff Clement (blocked by Johijima)

1B - Mike Jacobs (low OBP, but it's possible he hasn't hit his peak yet.)

2B - Jared Goedert (farther away from the majors than the rest, but this would give the Kevin Frandsen experiment some time)

SS - Ben Zobrist (over .400 OBP at every stop in the minors with great defense; blocked by Brendan Harris and Reid Brignac)

3B - Andy Marte (out of options; former top prospect)

LF - Adam Lind (nice power; low-OBP in a OBP-fetish organization, but still just 23)

CF - Jason Ellison (the Giants don't need any more all. They need power, and there isn't a CF with power who isn't going to cost a premium)

RF - Nelson Cruz (miserable start to his MLB career, but great minor league numbers)

The Giants couldn't trade for all of these players, but if any of them can be had for some of the lesser prospects, it would be a good way to build some top-level depth for the AAA/MLB shuttle and get a couple of immediate starters. Jacobs is probably the biggest stretch, as he's not likely to be cheap when the Giants are good again. If you don't accept his inclusion on this list, allow me to substitute Joe Dillon.

Comment starter: Any favorites of yours who could be had on the open market?