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Ah, the rumor-dominated baseball chatter of November. My guess as to the origins of most of the rumors:

From: (Peter Gammons)
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 4:56 PM
To: (Ken Rosenthal)
Subject: the word on the street

Even the G.M.s who like to shovel me fake rumors to improve their bargaining position aren't returning my calls. How are you getting all of these rumors? You'd think I'd know all the tricks by now, but you obviously have a secret that I don't.

From: (Ken Rosenthal)
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 4:56 PM
To: (Peter Gammons)
Subject: RE: the word on the street

step 1: cut a hole in the box lol. no, seriously, my first step is to go to, go to the 2007 league leaders page, and hold down the tab button, which cycles through all of the links on the page. i wait a few seconds and then take my finger off the tab button. whatever player it stops on is now on the trade market "for the right package."

also, every offseason i go to costco and buy about 100 pairs of socks. i write a different team name on 30 socks, and all the names of the free agents on the rest. then i go to the laundromat, put the team socks in one dryer, the player socks in another, and let `er rip. after a minute, i close my eyes, reach in, and pick one from each dryer. that's good for about 60 columns. then i get to wear the warm socks straight from the dryer. warm socks are awesome.

No disrespect meant to Gammons or Rosenthal; their columns are the just about the most interesting part of the offseason. It just doesn't make sense to start freaking out because the Giants are one of five teams mentioned in a free agent rumor. But danged if it isn't fun to freak out. From Rosenthal:
The Cubs and Padres are among the teams showing interest in (Geoff) Jenkins, along with the Giants, Rangers and Royals.
  • Over 30? Check.
  • Oft-injured? Check.
  • Plays the only position where the Giants have young talent to block? Check.
  • A much better player several years ago than he is now? Check.
Here it is: The perfect storm of Brian Sabean and free agency. The difference between Jenkins and Nate Schierholtz isn't worth the money, and it certainly isn't worth delaying Schierholtz's development. I'd put money on Jenkins to hit better than Schierholtz in 2008, but that's not the point. Jenkins isn't a bad player. He just isn't the right fit for the Giants.

Jenkins isn't a bad player. He just isn't the right fit for the Giants.

Jenkins isn't a bad player. He just isn't the right fit for the Giants.

Repeated for emphasis. At least Jenkins has power, so it isn't a goofy speed-n-defense guy, but still....