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Link Dump

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  • In an article titled "Five free agents that make sense for the Twins," the Minneapolis Star-Tribune gives suggests that the Twins look at:
    Pedro Feliz
    3B, Giants
    A Gold Glove-caliber defender with power, but a low on-base percentage.
    Ten years ago, a blurb like this would have mentioned Feliz's .250 batting average. The Star-Tribune had one sentence to describe the pros and cons of Feliz, and they used on-base percentage. If it weren't describing a player I've had to watch for the past seven years, I'd be thrilled.
  • The Philadelphia Daily News published an article about the potential for teams to spend like morons in free agency. Naturally, the first part of the article is about the Giants and Barry Zito. This made me lose all respect for Arizona G.M. Josh Byrnes:
    Josh Byrnes, general manager of the division rival Arizona Diamondbacks, could only watch and envy the move.

    "People have got to be thinking about the Giants as the favorites now," he told the San Francisco Chronicle. "They had a chance to separate themselves from everyone else in baseball with their moves this offseason and they did . . . This absolutely puts them over the top."

    It didn't make me lose respect for Byrnes because he was giving an honest opinion, it made me lose respect for him because there's no way he would have really believed that. I picture him biting his lower lip and motioning for his giggling officemates to be quiet while he was giving the quote. But it turns out it was Eric Byrnes who said it in the original article. That makes more sense. No point, really. I just found it slightly amusing, and it's always a kick to go back and read the "Zito-is-a-Giant!"-articles.
  • Mark Fainaru-Wada is leaving the San Francisco Chronicle for ESPN. Yay?
  • Washington has offered a contract to Barry Bonds.
  • Calvin Murray was inducted into the Texas Longhorn's Hall of Honor. He was always one of my favorite reserves, even though he didn't quite life up to his draft pedigree.
Eh, not much news. I think that's a good thing this offseason. The less news, the better.