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When I sit down to do my nightly Giants roster mock reconstruction - with a set of Topps, some multi-colored push-pins, a roll of twine, and an 8' x 40' piece of canvas - it's easy for me to get hung up with first base. The Giants need power. First basemen are supposed to have lots of power. It's supposed to be easy to find a first baseman with power. But it's been about ten years since the Giants had a power-hitting first baseman, and that was for just one fluky season (Snow in '97).

There's always the free talent route - going after six-year minor-league free agents or cheap one-year guys like Ryan Klesko - but the pickings are slim. The remains of Brad Wilkerson's career, maybe. Some dodgy bloke who is more likely to be the next Kevin Barker than the next Carlos Pena.

It's unlikely, though, that you'll find the kind of power the Giants need through the bargain bin. When you dumpster dive, you have to expect something like what the Giants got from Ryan Klesko. He didn't kill the team. He wasn't really worth keeping around. That's usually how free talent works. Finding a lineup cornerstone like Carlos Pena was a fluke. Even the staunchest of Pena partisans couldn't have predicted his .600 slugging percentage*.

So if the Giants can't count on free talent, maybe they can pay. The problem is that there isn't anyone to pay. Sean Casey? Olmedo Saenz? Shea Hillenbrand? Yick.

The name that keeps popping in my head: Richie Sexson. Sexson's only slugged under .500 once, and that was last year. He's 33, which isn't completely over the hill. He could bounce back. It ain't my money, it'd only be a one-year trial, and it isn't as if his salary would stop the Giants from signing anyone they really need. I keep thinking there's a way to ship Ray Durham over for Sexson, maybe with the Mariners kicking some dough back our way. Nah, I think. That isn't something Seattle fans would want.

Well, it isn't just me. Part of the U.S.S. Mariner recommended offseason plan is sending Sexson to the Giants for Durham. They'd even give up some mock cash. Mock cash can buy some sweet mock things.

How about it? I'm in. I think I just need to fax some paperwork over to U.S.S. Mariner, and it's a done deal. I'll be right back.

* New rule: You’re only allowed to brag if you brought up Carlos Pena without mentioning Hee Seop Choi in the same paragraph. I fail, especially since I would have preferred Sean Casey to both. Yikes.