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Joe Lefebvre is out as the Giants hitting coach. Here's a handy guide for the next guy:

What Lefebvre said to Ray Durham:

I think you're looping your swing when the lefties come at you with hard stuff in. Make sure to level that swing off, and try and pull it down the left-field line.

What Lefebvre should have said to Ray Durham:

When you swing at a pitch, try not to swing so old.

What Lefebvre said to Rich Aurilia:

You're too quick to pull the ball. You should take a couple of weeks and concentrate on going the other way with outside pitches. When the scouting reports catch up with you, then you can sit on balls to pull.

What Lefebvre should have said to Rich Aurilia

When you swing at a pitch, try not to swing so old.

There are really good hitting coaches, I'm sure. It's likely that there are terrible hitting coaches who are too quick to tinker with the swings of young players. I don't think Lefebvre was the former; he wasn't magic. And he probably wasn't the latter; the young players the Giants had did just fine, for the most part.

Am I being too glib? Is there really a hope that the Giants can bring in some hitting genius to help the offense? My guarantee: the new guy is going to be hired based on his theories of littlethingsology. Hitting to the right side with no outs. Sacrifice flies to set up the sacrifice bunts that set up the sacrifice flies. Hopefully, he'll also be able to bring something substantial to the table.

Dual comment starter: Does the hitting coach make a huge difference at the MLB level? And who's your guess at Lefebvre's replacement? I'm guessing J.T. Snow, though that's nothing but speculation.