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Okay, this is for reals....

I entered a scholarship contest for college bloggers and made it to the finals. In order to be a finalist, I had to write an essay, but the final $10,000 award is based on a vote.

Based on a vote!

Now, don't cheat, as this is serious enough where the IP logs will be audited. But vote. Tell your friends to vote. Tell your family to vote. Good sweet hoppin' Odin, I need the votes.

Go here:

Vote for me!

My name is Grant Brisbee, and I'm the only one of the finalists WHO'S HAD TO WORK A DAY IN HIS LIFE, WHY, BACK IN MY DAY WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE INTERNET IN COLLEGE. So, yeah. Vote for the old guy who's trying to make amends for past academic failures. It's soooooo American.