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Henry Schulman said in a recent podcast that the Giants were thinking more about 2009 than next season, especially with regards to offseason trades. Trying to build a foundation over two years makes a lot more sense than a mad shopping spree in a weak free agent market. Because it makes sense, I'm suspicious that the Giants would try it.

Obviously the Giants just can't come out and say they're punting next season. So now I'm wondering if they're quite aware a magic bean doesn't exist for the offense, and all of the "it was the bullpen's fault!!!" and "speed and defense"-hooey is being thrown to the media because it sounds much better to season-ticket holders than "are you kidding? There isn't any power on the free agent market, there isn't any power to trade for...we're screwed, boys and girls."

Comment starter: Do the Giants really think they're a just a couple of Wheat Thins short of a snack platter, or is the super-secret goal a two- or three-year plan?