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The Offseason Dregs

Part of me wanted a seven-game World Series with twists and turns -- mathematically, that'd be expressed as (Bill Mazeroski + Kirk Gibson + Carlton Fisk) x 7. I wanted to watch great baseball, even if I didn't care about either team.

Another, stronger, part of me wanted a sweep so I could start focusing on the Giants and some good old-fashioned offseason speculation. Sorry, baseball.

There are about 155 days until Spring Training games. Take out the 35 or 40 weekend days that I won't post, and I'm scheduled to write about 115 offseason posts. Here's a guess as to how they'll break down:

Trade scenarios involving Noah Lowry: 15 posts

Realistic trade scenarios involving Noah Lowry: 2 posts

Review of my preseason player projections, which I absolutely nailed, by the way: 20 posts

Breathless overreaction to a rumor about the Giants signing some old 'n' crappy free agent: 16 posts

Actual overreaction to the Giants' terrible offseason moves: 14 posts

A five-part series about my 25 favorite albums of all-time: 6 posts. (Five for the series; one explaining my critical love for Slaughter's Stick it to Ya.)

Reaction to A-Rod rumors: 2 posts. This counts as one of them.

New preseason player projections, which I have a history of absolutely nailing: 20 posts

Half-assed link dumps, where I regurgitate the results of a Google News search for "san francisco giants": 15 posts

Whew. It's going to be a busy offseason. There's an art to this, you know. You can't just spit out all of your mock roster constructions in the same week.

Comment starter: What would you like to read in the offseason? Even though the team's been bad for a couple of seasons, this will be the first one in which most of us don't harbor collective delusions that a good team can be built out of the rubble. That will make a difference, thought I'm not sure how.