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Congratulations to the Rockies. Damn it. I actually have a little respect for some of the individual members of the team, so I can't be too upset. Damn it. It also helps for me to picture Scott Hairston sitting in a bog of drool and potato chips, arrogantly flipping the remote away when he finds a program he likes. "Woo hoo! `CSI: Duluth' is on!" *flips remote* *pumps fist* *hits homer off Kevin Correia from couch*

Now is the time on McCovey Chronicles when we pick:

Philadelphia over Colorado in five.

Philadelphia's biggest weakness - the back-end of their rotation - isn't that much of an issue in a five-game set. Colorado has a good offense, but so does everyone the Phillies face. They're used to it.

I don't think I can remember two teams with such end-of-the-season momentum facing each other in the first round.

Chicago over Arizona in four

I'm not sure about either of these teams, but I just can't go with the team that was outscored in the regular season. If the '97 Giants had their dreams crushed in the first round, than so too shall the D-Backs.

California over Boston in five

Man, the National League is boring compared to the American League. What a great match-up of annoying teams. There's no logic behind picking the Angels; this is a real coin-flip.

Cleveland over New York in three

Another great match-up, but this time there's a clear villain. This is more of a hope than a prediction, but the Indians have a pretty sweet team. Plus, every championship won by a team with a known steroid user is one more fanbase that can shut the hell up when it comes to Bonds. That's a good thing. Enjoy your tainted Betancourt title, CHEATRS!!!!!!

NLCS: Philadelphia over Chicago in seven
ALCS: California over Cleveland in six

World Series: Philadelphia over California in seven

Suck it, rally monkey. I hope. I would love to see a Cleveland/Chicago match-up; I'm thinking Fox would too.

Comment starter: Your picks, of course. The winner will receive a cat picture with an amusing and poorly spelled caption.