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Link Dump

In this week's link dump, I present to you...

  • Winner: Most Ridiculous Sports Opinion Column, Belated and Irrelevant Category.
  • An article from the Arkansas State University paper about two Giants farmhands drafted from that school.
  • An article about The Shot Heard `Round the World. You can never get too many of those.
  • Glenn Dickey writing that the Giants will need to trade Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum in order to win more. Oookay.
  • An article about possible free agent pitchers from Japan, though there isn't much on possible relievers.
  • A YouTube from a guy who recorded his TV set while it was playing an old VHS tape with a story on it about the '86 Giants. I forgot that Steve Carlton got his 4,000th strikeout as a Giant.
  • A site that helps you create updated rosters for RBI Baseball and Tecmo Bowl if you're into old Nintendo ROMs and emulators.
...not because I'm too tired and lazy to think up an original post of my own, but because I'm