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Intra or Inter? Not sure....

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The postmortem pieces on the Diamondbacks are already trickling in, which almost makes up for having to think about the NL Champion Colorado Rockies. Ick. Oscar-winning screenwriter, Ben Affleck. Grammy-winning song, "My Humps." Nobel Peace Prize winner, Henry Kissinger. National League Champions, the Colorado Rockies.

Back to the article, which mentions that the Diamondbacks might look for a starting. MLB Trade Rumors suggests Noah Lowry, but pulls him off the hypothetical table because a) the Diamondbacks know about things like K/BB ratios and b) the Giants would be reluctant to trade within in the division.

I agree with the first point; the Diamondbacks have a GM who isn't too worried about veteran savvy, raw ERA, or W/L totals. The second point, though, makes me wonder how big of an obstacle the whole intra-division thing is. The last trades with each team:

  • Arizona - Feliz Rodriguez for Trow Browhan and Chris Van Rossum
  • Colorado - Ellis Burks for Daryl Hamilton, Jason Brester, and Jim Stoops
  • Los Angeles - Travis Denker for Mark Sweeney
  • San Diego - Matt Herges for Clay Hensley
That's two heists for the Giants, one trade they probably regret (though Hensley was awful this season), and one trade that isn't likely to be a factor. If Denker does become a good major leaguer, it might be the greatest trade in the history of anything just because of the neener-neener factor. The neener-neener factor seems to be why trades within the division are rare, especially with an unbalanced schedule.

So now the comment starters: Do you care about intra-division trades? Should Sabean?