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Open Memori...memmor...Collectibles Thread

Slow times. After the rush and high of the Zito news, there has been a scary post-Zito crash. A lot of people are in the tent sucking on orange slices and starting to come down. Seven years. Good gravy. What kind of news could compete with that?

So this is an open memorabilia thread. Pictures aren't required; just write about your favorite piece or two of Giants memorabilia. My contributions:

  • Back in high school, Darren Lewis lived down the street from me. I didn't have much contact with him, but I did interview him for a high school project. He was as gracious as a human being could have been, and I'll always have a soft spot for him. This came into my hands after he moved away, but I still dig it.

    Historical footnote: Royce Clayton would often visit, and his license plate was "ITSME RC."

  • I'm a huge Beach Boys/Brian Wilson fan -- the kind that tracked down LPs of "Sunflower" and "Surf's Up" before they were re-released on CD -- so I love this poster for combining the Giants and one of my favorite pop bands. Even cooler was that I was actually at this game. Less cool is that Brian Wilson had nothing to do with the Beach Boys at this point. I just wish my four-year-old self knew enough to heckle Mike Love.
  • I don't know how the original owner got his/her hands on this, but my mom found it at a garage sale: an uncut 1990 Mother's Cookies set. Ernie Camacho just doesn't have the same gravitas with corners that he does without.
  • It wasn't my intent to collect bobble heads; my bobblehead collection was thrust upon me. I've grown to be a fan, though, and display them with pride. I keep the Hall-of-Famers on one shelf, the active players/announcers on another, and the very special ones go in a very special place.
Your memorabilia highlights or anecdotes, if you would....