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Rhetorical question fetishist's delight....

I click on, and the Giants news page is all Bonds. Bonds signs, Bonds's contract would be voided if he's indicted, Bonds is preventing the Giants from moving on, Bonds is a necessary evil. Bonds is what is wrong with baseball today, Bonds is right for the team, Bonds is so wrong he's right for the wrong reasons. Pundits punditing on Bonds like they've never pundited before, except for the last 30 times a story required punditing of a spectacular nature.

Am I right not to care? As the proprietor of a Giants-themed blog, there's a small part of me that feels some duty to conjure up an opinion about the latest Bonds news. A Giants blogger is supposed to react to each and every Giants event, right? Bonds's 1 contract might draw ire from the union because it sets a bad precedent. Forget Bonds; doesn't this go to the heart of employer/employee relationships, business ethics, and personal responsibility? What about the soul of a franchise; isn't that at stake here? Or something?

I'd rather go through the non-roster invitees again. Seriously. Who is this year's Chad Zerbe? Much, much, much more interesting. A 10,000 word treatise on the relative merits of Justin Leone as opposed to Mike Cervenak? Sign me up. My thesis would be yet another hit piece on Pedro Feliz, but it would still seem more fresh than another Bonds article.

So open thread again: Do you still follow these stories, or do you tune them out? I think the Game of Shadows excerpt appearing in Sports Illustrated was the last time I cared about anything Bonds-related that didn't happen on the field.

1. I was taught that the 's after a proper noun ending in "s" is correct, except when the figure is some legendary historical figure. "James's shirt" is okay, but it should be "Moses' robes" or "Achilles' blood-drenched spear." At what point does Bonds qualify? And dipping your son in the River Styx was just an ancient variation on steroids for the Greeks, but Achilles was almost revered like a god. Where's the justice? We could always use another 300 comments on grammar, too. Comma before that last "too"? WHERE DO YOU STAND! Grammar Nerds: More interesting than The State of Bonds articles since 2002. 2

2. I thought numbered footnotes would be less controversial than asterisks in a Bonds piece, thanks for asking.