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Parallel Parking

I was excited to steal an idea from GasLampBall today, but then I realized that my life has been dreadfully boring to this point. The idea: What ballparks have you been to? My answer: Candlestick, Mays Field, Oakland Coliseum, Dodger Stadium..., and, uh, that's it.

That's it? That's every park I've been to? So, so sad. I was foiled in my plans last year:

Me: So for the honeymoon, I thought it would be cool to fly into New York, rent a car, and drive around the East Coast. New York, Boston, Philadelphia....

My Wife: That's so weird that you'd mention that! I just came back from a lawyer's office, where he was drafting up a legal contract that would entitle me to civil damages if you brought up the idea of touring baseball stadiums for our honeymoon. So weird!

Me: Uh, what? I didn't...wait, Boston...New York...Philly...yeah, I suppose those cities do have Major League Baseball teams. That's one wild coincidence, alright. I had my heart set on seeing the Liberty Bell and a Broadway play or some crap. Maybe we could go somewhere else, though. Let me get back to you.

While it didn't go down quite like that, this one actually did happen, though I've done a little embellishing:
Me: So for the honeymoon, I just want to relax. But I wouldn't mind a little trip to a major city, either.

My Wife: I'm with you on that.

Me: What about going to, like, upstate New York? I know there's this sleepy little tourist town called Cooperstown where we could get a nice cottage for a week, and then we could go to Niagra Falls, Manhattan...anywhere! We wouldn't have to be tied to one location, which is kind of nice.

My Wife: Hey, I've heard of Cooperstown somewhere. It must be popular.

Me: Oh, yeah. A ton of people vacation there.

My Wife: I'll look into it.

Me: (going into the other room to log onto from my laptop) Well, you don't have to check it out right now.

My Wife: No, it's alright. I'm already online. (after five seconds on Wikipedia) it is. (reads for five more seconds) Hey, Grant?

Me: (entering my credit card number into for the Cooperstown Weekly Pass Package) Yeah?

My Wife: Could you be a doll and bring me a cheese grater, some rubbing alcohol, and enough rope to restrain a full-grown man?

Me: Wow. My horoscope didn't mention anything like this today! I'll be there in a sec.

Not quite that extreme, but there is a kernel of truth to be found in there....

So give us a list: Ballparks you've been to, along with your favorite and least favorite. My favorite is Mays Field (duh) and my least favorite was Dodger Stadium, but only because the smell of burning orc flesh makes me nauseous. If you've been to Cooperstown, brag about that as well.