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The end of the year is the perfect time for formulae. Top-ten lists...years in review...five things we've learned from something else.... Not at McCovey Chronicles. I'm too good for that. And by "good", I mean "completely willing to do something hacky." If you want serious and original analysis, ask for it when I don't feel like there's a raccoon chewing on my brain stem for the second day in a row. I've paid my penance, god of hangovers! But I'm willing to listen to any sort of compromise you have to offer - including and up to human sacrifice. You have my number.

Grading Sabean's moves

Resigning Ray Durham -

Short term: A-
Long term: C

Even if his homers drop back down, he's still a valuable hitter. Concerns about his defense were always ridiculously overblown; he makes a nice DP mate for Vizquel. He is, however, blocking the only position player prospect who could conceivably be reading for a role right now. Frandsen will still get his at-bats, but questioning the move on that basis is legitimate.

Signing Benji Molina -

Short term: B-
Long term: D+

He's going to be Mike Matheny without the defense at some point in his career, and that could even start this season. Still, if bad defense is the order du jour, Molina is a much, much, much better bet to be productive with the bat this season than Eliezer Alfonzo, who I just can't trust yet.

Signing Rich Aurilia -

Short term: A-
Long term: B+

A productive player who doesn't mind coming off the bench if a more productive player is found? Every team should have a few of those. The long-term grade is docked because of the draft pick loss, but other than that there shouldn't be any lasting impact.

Re-signing Pedro Feliz

Short term: F -------
Long term: N/A

One-year deal, but easily the worst of the lot. He's being paid starter money, so he'll probably start 160 games. The defense was great in the first half of the season, but nothing can make up for that kind of outmaking.

Signing Dave Roberts

Short term: C
Long term: D-

The choice was Roberts/Winn or Winn/Linden. I take the latter before considering the money. At least Roberts gets on base, and Linden in the Steve Finley role isn't the worst thing in the world, but there's no chance that we'll be looking forward to one more year of Winn and Roberts in the same outfield after the '08 season.

Signing Ryan Klesko

Short term: A-
Long term: N/A

I've come around on this one a lot, and I kind of liked it to begin with. All reward, no risk; it's the perfect move for this offseason. Mark Sweeney's a good player to have, but he'd be way gooder with some of that there power. Maybe Klesko's power is sapped forever...but it isn't going to take a multi-year deal to find out.

Tomorrow: the pitching. Today: Your grades.