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Open Bonds Thread

Maybe I'm just naïve, but I can't wrap my head around the whole "Bonds Contract in Jeopardy!!!1" storyline. Every time I'm looking on news aggregators for Giants news, that's the only thing I can find. Bonds is rancid peanut butter; the Giants are moldy jelly. They can pretend all they'd like that they can survive without each other, but only freaks prefer peanut butter and honey. Inbred freaks.

To the Giants: If we assume that Bonds comes back, plays 130 games, and hits .300/.450/.650, the team still doesn't have an offense to speak of. If Bonds doesn't come back, the Giants might have trouble cracking 700 runs. The team doesn't like the circus? Their three options are to draft a player better than Marvin Benard, suck, or deal with the circus. The first option has already passed. There are worse things to have to deal with. If it has to be a circus, we can always hope for Jeff Passan to get sprayed with a seltzer bottle.

To Barry: Never open your mouth again. You no speaka the English from now on. Seriously. We really, really mean it this time. Just play baseball.

But this is an open thread to discuss the possibility of the Giants actually not re-signing Bonds at this point. I would expect the contract with Rich Aurilia to be reversed before the agreement with Bonds is reversed. Am I just being obtuse?