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In case you didn't see this diary, it linked to Ken Arneson's series on Barry Zito. Parts one, two, and three are all good, with three being especially impressive. It's amazing what a blogger can do when he puts, you know, effort into a post. Not me. I just troll the diaries for ideas; maybe I'll scour eBay for slightly amusing auctions.

Like this one. Would that shirt be an example of irony, ignorance, or abject denial? Blessed? Blessed?

The above series is cautiously optimistic when it comes to Zito, and does well to convey the appreciation that one A's fan had for Zito's style of pitching. It kind of got me licking the optimism toad again. Then I found this article, which made me buy the toad drinks:

Of the 29 pitchers moving to the NL from the AL, their ERA-Plus figures increased to 110 (10 percent above league average) from 97 (just below average).
Oh my. I'm so optimistic right now it hurts, even allowing for the concern that the Giants' best offensive talent might be indicted or is an AMPHETAMINES JUNKIE WHO WILL CRAWL INTO YOUR HOUSE AT NIGHT AND SODOMIZE THE SOUL OF YOUR CHILD. Other than that, I'm enjoying these new Zito articles.

Belated comment starter: Did the change in ERA+ with starters that switched leagues surprise anyone else? I thought there'd be a difference, but nothing that drastic.