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Yesterday's news...

When big breaking news breaks big for the San Francisco Giants, I'd be remiss if I didn't spend a couple of days on it. It might seem like overkill, but that's one of the reason people seek out blogs; it allows a little more attention to examine each nuance a particular story has to offer. So if you think the same story coming up again and again is tiring, I apologize. But I have a duty.

So, on that note, day one of our seventeen-day coverage on non-roster invitees

The MLB site has some good snippets on each player, and here's the full list with links to their career statistics:

Timmy Franchise
Damian Moss
Tyler Walker
Sun Woo Kim
Scott Atchison
David Cortes
Daniel Giese
Justin Hedrick
Carlos Hines
Matt Palmer
Mitch Wylie
Ryan Meaux

Stephen Holm
Todd Jennings
Guillermo Rodriguez
William Bergolla

Julio Cordido
Tomas De La Rosa
Luis Figueroa
Justin Leone
Scott McClain
Ivan Ochoa
Chad Santos

Brian Horwitz
Eddy Martinez-Esteve
Clay Timpner

Minor league free agent with the best chance of making an impact: Ryan Meaux, if only because he's left-handed.

Minor league free agent I will irrationally overrate because of his proven ability to not be Pedro Feliz: Justin Leone.

Minor league free agent who actually has a faint whiff of prospect still about him: William Bergolla, though it'd take a bloodhound to find it. Still, he's a good player to have around if only to make the Jose Vizcainos of the world unnecessary.

Minor league free agents who could actually come out of nowhere and make bullpen bids: Daniel Giese and Mitch Wylie, though the same could have been said about Brandon Villafuerte and Brandon Puffer. I still love the minor league free agent philosophy of Sabean, though. Bring in the bullpen arms and let Darwin pick through them.

Tyler Walker Award winner in the category of Least-Inspiring Return: Damian Moss

Damian Moss Award winner in the category of Well, This Isn't Exactly Inspiring Either: Tyler Walker

Not the greatest haul, but there are always a few interesting names kicking around. Day two will investigate the naughty limericks and anagrams this collection of players has to offer.