Giants Do-Over

Hind site being 20-20, now that the FA signing period is just about over, I thought I would write down my alternative off-season transactions for the Giants.  I am using the the recorded signing numbers so the 2007 $ would amount to the same (aprox. $50 million) that the Giants have spent this off-season:

Greg Maddox $10 million
Justin Spier $3.75 milliion
Alan Embry $2.3 million
Richie Sexson $7.5 million (trade for Lowry, Benitez and prospects - paying half of Benitez's salary)
Ray Durham $7 million
Barry Bonds $11 million
Rich Aurilla $4.5 million
Charlie Lieberthal $1.2 million
Chad Bradford $2.75 million

There's some cheating involved with this scenario.  Obviously, the Sexson scenario invovlves the Mariners going along with the trade.  And the signees signing for the same amount that they inked with other teams is also very theoretical.

But this is what I would have done.  What about you?

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