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Quite the game....

If I could accurately convey the beauty of Jonathan Sanchez's perfect game, I'd like to think I would be a professional writer. If I could compare Sanchez's fastball to what it deserved to be compared to on this day -- I dunno, a Mongol horde or Emily Dickinson, or something -- I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be writing a podunk blog for a bunch of nerds.1

And that slider. Not fair. A hitter has to think fastball when Sanchez is on, and then comes a sharp, quick diving mess of physics. Of the 14 strikeouts, at least 11 came on the slider.

I probably would have had a better chance of describing the game had I actually watched it, or looked up the box score once I got the chance. But I'm TiVoing it so I can watch it at home tonight. Yep, I'm going to go home and watch it. After the long train ride, of course. And then I'll need to drive home from the train station. I should be able to know the results of the game at about 9:00 p.m., or so. Yep. I mean, I could just go over to Yahoo!, or, and see what the score is. I could read about the events that have already transpired; about events that are crucial to the outcome of the season. But that wouldn't be a very patient thing to do.

So, I'll just wait it out, and hope that my prediction/recap was spot on.

Just wait it out....

Hope everything worked out, and I'll check in when I'm home.

Just wait it out. No need to go over to Yahoo! right now to check the score. Although, I wonder what the weather's like back home. Yeah, I'll just go and check the weather. Okay, pretty much the same as in San Jose. Good. Oh, and I should look up directions to that housewarming party, so I'll go to the maps section, and...whoops. I accidentally clicked on the sports link. I'll just have to avoid looking at the bottom-right part of the screen, so as not to see the score. In fact, I'll just switch the scoreboard at the bottom to read off NFL scores, and.....

Whew. They won. My heart does one of these:

Maybe there's a team out there that evaluates Brad Hennessey as an already league-average starter, and someone who won't cost much for the next four years. At least, that's what Sanchez made me hope today. This will get a longer column in October or November, but it's easy to wonder if there are organizations that will overvalue Hennessey's ERA, or at least see something in him that leads them to believe he has a higher ceiling than what we've seen. Because it'd appear that Sanchez is ready to take his Cain-like lumps at the big league level for a while.

Comment starter: For the people lucky enough to watch the game, how did Sanchez look? The box score looks nice, but was he getting ahead of the hitters?

1 Hey, I only a call you a bunch of nerds a compared to Krusty! 2

2Yeah, you see how you nerds.