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Open Gameday Thread, 9/6

As excited as I am for Jonathan Sanchez to make his first start in the majors, I don't like that Noah Lowry had to skip a start. The official word from the politburo is "tired arm". Arms can get tired, for sure. But to miss a start for a contending team in September, the arm must be quite tired. And sometimes quite tired arms can be something else. It isn't time to freak out about Lowry. It is, however, time to needlessly worry. I'm good at that.

Lowry's arm is like a salmon that swims upstream in August to spawn, only to die from exhaustion shortly after. And by "spawn", I mean "have a string of quality outings". And by "swims upstream", I also mean something else entirely. (Note: Polish up simile before posting)

It'd be doubly exciting if Sanchez were the one to secure the series win, though.