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Gameday Open Thread, 9/4

The National League Wild Card race: Like an amorous man shipwrecked on Barnyard Animal Island, there really aren't any winners involved. There's just an inevitable and unfortunate choice. And I'm proud to watch the Giants drunkenly stumble to the finish with a fistful of picked flowers. I'm also proud to have given Fox an idea for a new show. Barnyard Animal Island should premiere during sweeps. A camera, a man, an island, some urges, and a whole lot of time.

It'd be a minor thrill to get back to .500, and a major thrill to stay there. Once those baby steps are taken, it'll be a little easier to refrain from giggling after saying the word "contender" in reference to the Giants. The rotation has me not unbelieving, and a combination of a hot Bonds and Alou could provide a whole mess of offense.

I also reserve the right to complete turn against this team if they don't win four against the Reds in this three-game series. That's just the kind of abusive relationship we have.