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Open Gameday Thread, 9/14

Most frustrating loss of the year? It gets my vote. The game or two or fifteen that Benitez lost were more infuriating. But the frustration of last night....gahafhhhh.

  • The Giants had a ton of chances for one hit to tie or win the game. They couldn't do it, but the only reason they were still in the game was because they had been getting clutch hits the whole night. So it isn't as if the team was to blame for a flat performance. Anger - Scapegoat = Frustration.
  • Todd Greene's at-bat in the ninth was about ten feet or a different wind current away from winning the thing. When the ball went in the air, I immediately thought of this game. That's also how I thought the game was going to end up.
  • I thought Noah Lowry looked good until his control problems. It was certainly the best change he's had in a while, if not all year. Sometimes three walks in an inning lead to a single run, sometimes it opens a gateway to a world of pain. The whole "six walks, an error, and a wild pitch"-gag didn't work out, though.
  • The most frustrating part was that the Giants deserved a win like that. After watching team after team celebrate dramatic late-inning comebacks at home plate with Benitez trudging off the mound, it wouldn't have been so greedy to ask for that game. Add in that it was the Rockies, who used to shove 8-1 deficits up the Giants' backside for about a decade, and the frustrationomometer blows up.
  • Gaaaahrhrrrrrggggggg.
Cain today. Even if the team were 40-110, that'd still be exciting news.


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