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Open Gameday Thread, 9/10

Randy Winn ain't hittin'. It took a while for it to sink in, as he hit a perfectly reasonable .270/.343/.427 in the first half, but he has almost single-handedly negated Ray Durham in the second-half with .228/.265/.304 ickiness.

Of particular note are his numbers as a right-handed hitter this season: .196/.260/.319. His career numbers show hardly any platoon difference, so I'm hoping that this is a fluke. A frustrating, nauseating, unwatchable fluke. I'm not quite what to do with the Randy Winn bobblehead I just picked up. I'm definitely keeping it on a different shelf from the Bonds bobblehead.

Regardless, this has the potential to end up a pretty legendary series with a win tonight. And a playoff berth. And some freaky run through the playoffs. And some bizarre World Series domination. So let's all patiently wait for that to take place to ensure some appropriate legendariousness, and cheer on some Matty Mo in the meantime.