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Open Gameday Thread, 9/1

Let's get the gameday thread out of the way since the Giants start playing in the morning. Three games against the Cubs, in Chicago.

The optimist says:

Sweep. Easy. No Wood, no Prior, no Zambrano...sweep. If you can take the opposing team's three starters, add up their ERAs, and come up with a blackjack hand that you'd hold on? Sweep.

The pessimist says:

Three young and wild hurlers? All struggling with several facets of the game at the same time? That's kryptonite to Giant bats. Unless you count the Giants otherworldly capacity to hit into double plays as being a super power. Then three young struggling pitchers would be the Giants' yellow sun.

The realist says

I don't follow the Giants. I choose to follow teams that have more of a chance at success, like the Washington Generals. *reads nametag* Oh, I mean, there's still a chance for this club. Good win last night.