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State of the Union

The next week will be interesting for me, as it's now five days until my wedding. True story: When the date was decided on a year-and-a-half ago, we made sure not to make the date in October. You know, in case the Giants were in the playoffs. Or the World Series. Because that would be an awful conflict. In retrospect, maybe we should have purchased ankylosaurus insurance just in case living ankylosaurs -- especially ones that combine a taste for delicious hors d'oeuvres with a lack of respect for human life -- are discovered in the Bay Area. Because if we were going to go as far as planning for a World Series appearance for the 2006 Giants, why stop there?

So I apologize if the posts start to get progressively scattered as the week goes on. Example:

Monday: "Matt Cain is one of the few current Giants that gives hope for the future as well."

Thursday: "It's a good thing that Jonathan Sanchez is starti...What?....But I did tie the ribbons around the favors.... What do you mean I didn't use the right knot?....I can't untie them and start over, I have to go get fitted.... Fitted for my tux.... No, why would I have done that already?.... Don't you just pick one off the rack?.... Hey, hey, hey, don't cry.... Look, I'm typing all of this as I say it, so I have to go...."

The wedding is on Saturday and we leave Sunday for Maui, where we'll be for a week. I will not be writing on my honeymoon, under threat of anullment and/or a very stern tasering. Fear not, though, as I had the foresight to ask a very talented writer to update this site in my stead. Should they not respond, however, I've also asked Josh from Hollywood to be ready just in case. He'll start that Saturday, and go through the gameday thread of Sunday, August 20th, which is news to him since I never responded to the e-mail in which he accepted my lucrative offer.

After coming back from Hawaii, things will still be crazy for me, as I've decided to return to school full-time. And I'll still be working about 40 hours a week. And I'm absolutely committed to writing as much content for this site as I have for the past twenty months. My plan is to ignore my new wife for a couple of years. It took me a while to come up with that plan, which is devoid of any noticable flaws.

Comment starting question of the day, which is nice to have because there really isn't any baseball content up there: Matt Cain since the break has a 3.31 ERA, with a K/BB ratio of 36/13 in 35.1 innings. His biggest problem at the beginning of his career -- ineffectiveness against left-handed hitting -- is slowly fading.

Can I start getting excited now?