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July Stats (batting average / on-base percentage / slugging percentage):

Pedro Feliz: .234/.291/.458
Moises Alou: .246/.324/.426
Eliezer Alfonzo: .315/.333/.603
Barry Bonds: .222/.425/.413
Ray Durham: ..371/.425/.732
Steve Finley: .284/.338/.388
Shea Hillenbrand: .238/.256/.350
Jose Vizcaino: .095/.136/.095
Omar Vizquel: .295/.345/.400
Randy Winn: .245/.283/.316


  • Ho, man, has Randy Winn stunk. I knew it hasn't been good, but...sheesh. And for all of that stinking, he's now right around his career averages of .286/.345/.424. I'd start freaking out, but he has been hitting well at home. At the very least, it's comforting that he doesn't have a case of the Vander Wals. It's important to keep the faith in the one position player the Giants have decided to build around in the post-Bonds era. (sob)
  • Bonds has been swimming in an unchlorinated pool with F.P. Santangelo again. Hose the dude off with some bleach, and let's see some power. Or any hits at all.
  • Just so it doesn't seem as if I'm picking on Vizcaino, I'll note that he had a .400/.500/.600 June. He probably didn't notice either, so don't feel bad.
  • Those are stats for both Toronto and San Francisco for Hillenbrand. Shirt idea: Shea Hillenbrand: A dual citzenship in sucking. I'll take three.
  • Ray Durham wants a new condo in Oahu. He wants a baseball team to pay for it in December. I say that's an outstanding plan, and I'll enjoy this while it lasts.
  • Omar Vizquel is good.
  • On an unrelated note, this struck me funny. I think I might buy it just to display the certificate of authenticity.