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Open Gameday Thread, 8/31

Tomorrow the rosters expand to up to 40 players, with the following players eligible to come up (with the exception of injured players like Erick Threets):

Jesus Reina
Merkin Valdez
Brian Wilson
Jonathan Sanchez
Justin Knoedler
Lance Niekro
Travis Ishikawa
Jason Ellison
Fred Lewis
Dan Ortmeier
Nate Schierholtz

Obvious calls: Wilson, Sanchez, Knoedler, Niekro, and Ellison. It doesn't seem like anyone else would help the team right now. Maybe an extra arm like Merkin's would be good for mop-up innings, regardless of how he's doing in the minors.

The most interesting player of the bunch might be Schierholtz, as he caught fire in AA to turn around what had been a very disappointing season. It makes no sense to yank him from the Eastern League now to plop him on the major league bench, but when the AA season ends it'd be nice to get a first-hand look at him.

Comment starter: Who do you think will be called up? Wake me when it's over.