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Open Gameday Thread, 8/23

During the planning stages of the wedding, Mrs. McCovey Chronicles had her heart set on a very specific wedding ring for me. She needed to have something custom made by some hard-to-find Romanian artisan, who worked in some special workshop that had been around since the 3rd century. The rest of the wedding plans were very simple and down to earth, so I thought it was kind of cute that the one ostentatious splash she wanted to make involved my ring. I was touched.

That is, until I stopped to talk to a woman in my first class this morning. The ring started to hum. Soon it became red hot, and started to burn the very flesh off my finger. What manner of sorcery is this? The pain was unmanageable as I dropped to the ground, twisting and writhing. I was only asking directions, do you hear me? I WAS ONLY ASKING DIRECTIONS!

Also, the Giants go for the sweep. I don't not believe.