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Open Gameday Thread, 8/2

This site has two settings:

  1. Spotty attempts at humor.
  2. Spottier attempts at analysis.
I want no part of either today. There's nothing to analyze. The starting pitching stinks except when it doesn't, which is when the bullpen stinks, except when it doesn't, which is when the offense stinks, except when it doesn't, which is when the starting pitching stinks. Make no mistake, two or three of the choices tend to hold hands as they skip toward the mushroom cloud. But the offense is certain to be a problem if the pitching is good, and the pitching blows up when some runs are put on the board.

Nothing working well, coupled with the "if it wasn't for bad luck..."-woe-is-meisms, make up the essence of a losing streak. It's what a nine-game losing streak brings almost by definition. It's just a wee bit frustrating.

Just as there's nothing to analyze, there's nothing to laugh at. I used to think my style of humor - what W.C. Fields would have called, "kind of dickish" - worked best when there was something to complain about. But there's nothing new to complain about with a nine-game losing streak after the Giants were in first place. That's a joke in itself. All of the complaints that could have been spun into something farcical were levied by the fifth game of the losing streak. Now it's just slack-jawed horror.

Win a game? Please? I'm not going up to the clock tower if it devolves into ten in a row, and I probably won't do much but sigh loudly. But it'd give me something to write about. Coupled with a Padres loss to leave the Giants a ridiculous 3.5 games back, and it might even get me interested again.