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Mailing It In

During the last Dodger series I was disappointed not to see a little more determination from the Giants. I thought playing their rival should inspire them. If their season was in fact doomed, I hoped they'd display a fiery attitude similar to Khan, who, when faced with a similar no-win postion, addressed his rival thusly, "From hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."

Instead, the Giants seemed completely flat. I was a little surprised at first, but now I get it. I can see why they seemed to be simply going through the motions. They were just tired, trying to get to the end of a long, difficult season. I feel their pain, because that's exactly my mindset at this point. I'm watching the clock, waiting for the shift to change. Hosting this site has been much more time consuming and challenging than I expected. Definitely not the line of work for me. Oh well, you'll have Grant back on Monday. Honestly, I don't know how he does it. Although I suspect crystal meth.

If I'm the blogging equivalent of Pedro Feliz (I wish!), then today you get the 0-4 on four pitches, no runners advanced, "Skip, I need a day off", effort. But you don't need me, anyway. There's plenty to discuss. The Giants opened up their wallet big-time to sign a top Dominican prospect. The sweep over the Padres. A win over arch-nemesis, Jake Peavy. Kevin Frandsen's three extra-base hits. And the Giants come home to face the first place Dodgers over the weekend, still hanging onto the bottom rung of the playoff race with the tips of their fingernails. Will they avenge last weekend's debacle against the Dodgers? Talk amongst yourselves.