Top international prospect signed!

Link here - note, the story is in Spanish. Here's a rough translation (my Spanish is rusty).

Next Jewel of San Francisco?

The Giants gave a US $2.1m bonus to the young Dominican prospect Angel Villalona, just 16 years old.

Santo Domingo (AP) - Will Angel Villalona be the next Dominican jewel in the Major Leagues?

The San Francisco Giants are betting yes after spending 2.1 million dollars on the prospect, barely 16 years old.

The third baseman received the second highest bonus in the history of the Dominican Republic, surpassed only by the $2.3m that the New York Yankees paid Wily Mo Pena in 1999.

"This means so much to me. It is a dream come true," said Villalona in a telephone interview with the AP.

Villalona measures six feet and three inches tall (1.92 meters) and weighs 200 pounds (90 kilos).

According to the scouts responsible for his signature, his potential is enormous.

"This boy has tremendous abilities, enormous power, good hands and an above average arm," said Pablo Peguero, head of Giants' scouting in Latin America.

In fact, Peguero went as far as to compare the prospect with the big stars playing in the Major Leagues today.

"I signed [Adrian] Beltre at 16 years old; Raul Mondesi­ at the same age and I watched Vladimir Guerrero and Alfonso Soriano and none of them had Villalona's abilities at his age," said the veteran scout.

Villalona stated that the Giants were not the team that offered the most money, but he was convinced by the way they treated him.

One from four brothers of divorced parents, Villalona is one of the "Romana" (?), from the east of the country.

He will travel to the United States in September, and the Giants already have a date in mind for his Major League debut.

"This boy is going to be like Beltre, and in three years I believe that he is going to be in the bigs", Peguero claimed.

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