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Open Gameday Thread, 8/14

I just got back from the Bay Area, where I spent the weekend to attend a wedding, and was struck by something on the trip south. You know that spot on the 5, down near Coalinga, where all those hundreds of cows are crammed together in a small pen? The one where you call smell their foul stink for a couple of miles in each direction depending on the prevailing winds? Well, the effect that odor has on my nose is about equivalent to the effect watching the at bats of our corner infielders has on my eyes and brain. In fact, the entire lifeless void that is a trek up or down the 5 bears remarkable similarities to the 2006 Giants season.

This has been Forced Analogy Theater. We now return you to your regularly scheduled gameday thread.

Brad Hennessey begins his approximately seven week job interview tonight, hoping to land a spot in the 2007 rotation. Has he spent his last significant time in the Giants bullpen? We'll see. Either way, he'll add some much needed punch to the Giants lineup. If, that is, Felipe doesn't have him bunt every time up, including two out situations.

Bad Brad will oppose former Giant farmhand Clay Hensley. The game will not be carried on MLB's Extra Innings package, so no TV for me. Man, am I disappointed. (Was the sarcasm apparent there, or should I have laid it on a little thicker?)