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Open Gameday Thread, 8/13

When I started this gig I promised myself I would make my best effort to stay positive, no matter how the Giants were performing on the field. About 24 hours in, I'm already finding that difficult.

But just because this season is going downhill faster than Britney Spears' sex appeal doesn't mean I have to get all negative and whiny about it, either. I'm going to try and keep things as upbeat as possible given the circumstances. Therefore, I won't say anything negative about the Giants today. And, of course, once you remove all negatives from the equation, you're left with only the positives. And I don't mean stuff like, "I'm positive the Giants suck," or "I'm positive Felipe is an idiot." I mean real positives. So here is my list of everything about the Giants which makes me happy right now, in alphabetical order:

Vizquel, Omar.

That is all.

COMMENT STARTER: How about you, anything positive you see concerning the Giants these days? A ray of light for the future, perhaps? Is Noah Lowry's recent improvement something to be excited about, or does it just further prove he's only really good in the month of August? Does the fact Todd Linden is swinging the bat well from the left side bode well, or is it a small sample size mirage? Does anything about the Giants get you happy or excited? Tim Lincecum's arrival? Nate Schierholtz heating up a bit? Nick Pereira's rapid ascent through the minors? Next year's draft? Anything at all? As renowned American poet Bret Michaels said so eloquently, "Give me something to believe in."

ALTERNATE COMMENT STARTER: Three weeks ago today, the Giants were in 1st place in the NL West. Since then, they have gone 3-15, slipped deep into last place, and appear to have lost any realistic chance at the postseason. As a form of non-violent (and non-vile) protest against the Giants recent level of play, I will post one completely blank comment below. I encourage anyone feeling likewise to do the same, replying to my blank comment with their own. That'll show those millionaire athletes they can't screw around with us!