*Snarl* Giants trade Martis

KNBR reports that the Giants just traded Shairon Martis for Mike Stanton.  

Good news:

Mike Stanton's peripherals are far better than his actual ERA this season.

Martis is a single A pitcher with a modest strike out rate and no chance of helping the Giants this season.

Bad news:

Mike Stanton is 39 year old pitcher who strikes out less than 1 batter/ inning and struggles with his control. Sound familiar?  Worse, he represents almost perfectly the idea of freely available talent.  There are dozens of pitchers banging away in AAA with his current skill set.

Martis has an extremely live arm, youth and at least the potential to develop into a very good pitcher.

I do not like this trade. *Update* Stanton currently is 2nd in the NL in relief appearances. 39 year old pitchers have a tremendous history of maintaining success or improving following a heavy usage pattern.

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