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After three days without a Giants game, it's finally nice to get back to a regular schedule. Tonight, the Giants take on's around here somewhere... Oh, that's great. Just great. No game again? They're killin' me....

With nothing to report but stray Al Harrington rumors, allow me to present a new Fox Sports Bay Area column, and a post that kinda sorta ties in with it. Last season, I did a piece where I evaluated the Giants roster and attributed stock market terminology to their performance; e.g. buy, hold, and sell. Buy meant their performance was expected to improve, hold meant stay the same, and sell meant they were playing over their heads.

If I may toot my own horn, it was the most accurate set of predictions ever made about anything, ever. Except for the parts that weren't right. So, presented without too many comments, my buy/sell/hold ratings for the Giants at the break:

Randy Winn - Hold
Omar Vizquel - Sell
Moises Alou - Hold
Barry Bonds - Buy
Pedro Feliz - Sell
Ray Durham - Hold
Lance Niekro - Buy, just barely
Eliezer Alfonzo - Sell

Todd Greene - Sell
Jose Vizcaino - Donate
Mark Sweeney - Buy
Steve Finley - Hold
Jason Ellison - Hold

Jason Schmidt - Hold
Noah Lowry - Buy
Matt Morris - Hold
Matt Cain - Buy
Jamey Wright - Sell

Armando Benitez - Hold
Jeremy Accardo - Buy
Steve Kline - Sell
Kevin Correia - Sell
Brad Hennessey - Sell
Brian Wilson - Buy
Jonathan Sanchez - Sell, only because he can't maintain a 0.00 forever
Tim Worrell - Enron