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Open Gameday Thread, 6/8

Professional baseball teams like to have giveaway days. Free hats, bats, posters; whatever. So think of this gameday thread as my giveaway day. I'm giving you a gameday thread. And it's sponsored by the following:

  1. I had a great-uncle who enjoyed a refreshing non-alcoholic beer from time to time. He'd come over for the holidays, and tell his great-nephew to grab a "Lefty O'Douls" from the fridge. There'd only be "O'Douls" on the label. That always bothered me....

    Until I got older and learned who Lefty O'Doul was. He was a legend on two Pacific Coasts, and is the subject of an honorary dinner put on by the United Irish Cultural Center on June 17th. You can download details in a .PDF document here. There are supposed to be a whole bunch of former San Francisco Seals attending, which is pretty danged cool. If you have problems with the .PDF, just e-mail me and I'll forward you the information.

  2. The University of Hawaii at Manoa's literary journal, Vice Versa, has a baseball theme for its latest issue. A Giants fan got hold of this baseball theme, and used it to share our twisted example of humanity with some Giant haiku. A Dodger fan was able to string a few sentences together, and has a piece dwelling on the Brian Johnson game. It was a fun read. Although, this would also be a fun read:
    Hey. Remember that Brian Johnson game in 1997? I'm a Dodger fan, and that sucked. The end.
    I mean, that's just gripping. So not to take away from the author, but he had a heck of a head start.

    I've had some experience with literary journals in my past, and know how much of a cash cow they can be. I'm hoping for some pretty sweet financial kickbacks for this plug. At least a couple of points from the Literary Journal Network television deal. The LJN pays fat, from what I've heard.