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Open Draft Thread

It kicks off at 10:00 Pacific, and kudos to for finally giving fans some access. It isn't going to be necessary to hit refresh 40 times in a round, as they will be announcing the picks here.

Of the people the Giants are rumored to take, I'm a Kyle Drabek fan. However, I was geeked on the kid Parmalee before he was linked to the Giants, so I wouldn't be upset if they reached for him at #10. Either Drabek or Parmalee would suit me fine.

Of course, if one of the top prospects fell -- like Miller, Longoria, or Hochevar -- I would love to see Sabean take a Diamondbacks/Angels approach and nab the best available player, budget be damned.

I'd also like a magic bean that makes me know what I'm talking about when it comes to the amateur draft. It's fun to speculate, though, even if the speculation is wild.